A Language Learning Tip

Happy Tuesday everyone. I’ve already gotten 1 lesson under my belt this morning, and in the down time, I thought I’d share some language learning wisdom. Find an interesting article online that has an audio version of the written text. For example, this article “A Lesson in How to Overcome Implicit Bias” from NPR‘s Code Switch.  Continue reading “A Language Learning Tip”


Greetings dear students. I’ve created this blog to help organize all the information that I recommend to you during our classes. One really awesome way to hear the language while learning about interesting new topics is by listening to podcasts. You can listen to them on your computer or phone while you’re doing other activitiesContinue reading “Podcasts”

Great News!

After a week of feeling all the emotions, I’m up early this Monday morning feeling thankful and motivated. Last Sunday, the kittens pictured above disappeared without a trace. There was no sign of struggle and no real explanation as to where they had gone. I had been watching the mama cat all through her pregnancy,Continue reading “Great News!”

Calatafimi Segesta

First, a bit of background about this cute little town where I ended up in Western Sicily: Calatafimi Segesta, formerly known simply as Calatafimi, is a small town in western Sicily. The addition of Segesta to the name was a decision to draw attention to the nearby ancient Greek Segesta Temple. Just up the hillContinue reading “Calatafimi Segesta”