Sorry for the delay….

I’m sitting down right now to update all your feedback. Thank you for your patience!!!!

Hi language students. Please accept my sincerest apologies for the major delay in updating your feedback. I usually like to complete it within 1 business day, but as you may have noticed, I haven’t updated feedback since Wednesday.

Keeping the kittens warm with jars of hot water under the bedding.

I’ve been through an emotional roller coaster this week because of some kittens that I was trying to save. Unfortunately, they all died last night. The moral of the story is: sterilize your cats and dogs!

I was even teaching with them in the room with me.


On the way to the vet yesterday…

One positive thing that has come of this is that I found a group on Facebook that is dedicated to rescuing animals ( Though I wasn’t able to save these kittens, I will be volunteering with this organization in the future. If you are interested, read more here:  here 

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